Thursday, March 29, 2007

Breech Baby

According to my research, there are four types of breech babies: frank breech, complete, breech, footling breech, and kneeling breech. The majority of breeched babies are positioned in the Frank breech position. In this location, the baby’s bottom is positioned in the pelvis area in a V position. With the head and legs positioned together, the bottom of the baby comes first. In the complete breech position, the hips and knees are flexed so that the baby is cross-legged. When the feet come first, this position is known as footling breech, and the last one called kneeling breech is rare and the name speaks for itself. The baby is kneeling. Why do I tell you all of this? Well, for the last eighth months, Nicole and I have been planning a natural birth through a birthing center. Last week, the midwife attempted to feel the head of the baby with a finger swipe and did not feel the baby’s head. Having scheduled a sonogram at the hospital, we discovered that we have a Frank breech baby. Yes…you can say that our plans (and hearts) were crushed. We were scheduled an appointment with the doctor to perform an external version where the baby is manually repositioned to place his head in a downward position. The doctors were unsuccessful. Reexamining the sonogram, the doctor discovered that Nicole’s uterus is in the shape of a heart. I guess you can say that she has a lot of love for our baby. Because of the appendage at the top of the uterus, the baby could not be maneuvered and repositioned. Thankfully, we praise God that we have a healthy baby. As the doctors were attempting to reposition the baby, they monitored his/her heart rate to be certain that the maneuvering has not caused any stress on him/her. All of the pushing and shoving on my wife’s stomach did not even aggravate him/her. That baby was staying right in the position that felt comfortable and nobody was moving him/her out that spot. I guess he/she has dad’s stubbornness.

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