Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Welcome! Claire Lizbeth Kirby

Never thought that having a baby would take up so much time. Ok, those of you who are parents, quit laughing. Nicole and I are the proud parents of an 8 lb and 21" baby daughter, Claire Lizbeth Kirby. Though we were disappointed to discover that we could not continue the pregnancy through natural birth, the c-section went well.

I cannot describe the emotions that I was feeling when I walked into the operating room. The scene was not what I was expecting. Two huge round lights located above the table, every type of machine that you could think of along with tubes and gadgets, doctors and nurses standing around with their medical garb, the sound of REO Speedwagon playing through the speakers in the ceilings, and my wife strapped to the table with a blue curtain above her head.

As I sat on a small stool next to my wife, I felt so helpless. This was not at all what I had imagined when we would officially meet our little baby. However, thanks be to our God whom all blessings flow, about thirty minutes into the procedure, Dr. Graham held up our baby daughter. We had been waiting for eight months to see this gift, and I cannot explain the joy that filled my veins.

With camera in hand, I was scurrying back and forth from the baby center where they were initiating the APGAR tests on Claire while a proud father was taking pictures over the nurses' shoulders then back to Nicole to show her the photos. At one point, the doctor asked if I would like to see Nicole's uterus which I assured her that I was not interested.

One main reason why Claire was breeched from the beginning was the result of Nicole having a heart-shaped uterus. Because of the appendage at the top of her uterus, the doctors were unable to maneuver Claire during the external version. I guess the doctor wondered if I was interested in seeing the uterus.

After several weeks of sleep deprivation and completing my studies this semester, I received my master's degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. After six grueling years of studies, the Lord granted me the privilege of earning a thorough biblical education from a noble institution. Thanks to all of the faculty and staff who have greatly influenced the class of 2007. My prayer is that your sacrifice and dedication will not be in vain as we venture into our world armed with the gospel.

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