Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quality Time With God, Part 3

“Solitude is good for us. Our natural tendency is to always have people around, always have stuff going on, but let me be candid: I've never learned anything all that significant in a crowd. I love to be with people, but solitude helps filter out the essentials and sift away the nonessentials. Life kind of makes up its mind in solitude” Charles R. Swindoll, "Solitude: A Vital Factor in Growing Closer to God," Insights (January 2000): 1-2.

We have truly lost the art of silence and solitude in our lives. We have grown accustomed to noise, distractions, and activities that we have forgotten the true meaning of being still in the presence of God. In addition to the clamor of our culture, we have fallen prey to immediate gratification. Remote controls, microwaves, and computers have made life easy for us where everything is accessible at the touch of a finger.

Believe me; the spiritual life will not come that easy. In order to have an intimate relationship with God, it will only come through spending quality time in His presence. Throughout the day, you will need to stop and remain quiet before the Lord. Remind yourself that God’s presence is with you and converse with Him. Intimacy with God will only come when sacrifice your time and invest your life knowing more about God.

Start recording a journal when you meet with God. Listen to Him and record your thoughts as He speaks to you.

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