Thursday, June 28, 2007

Values vs. Virtues

“Values are only half the story when it comes to the leader’s character. Values are principles, standards, or qualities considered worthwhile and desirable. Values are beliefs that a person or group holds and in which they have emotional investment and heartfelt commitment…Virtues, on the other hand, are moral excellencies and qualities pf righteousness corresponding to the nature and character of God. Because virtues are drawn from the character of God, virtues are universally morally correct. Truthfulness, wisdom, justice, compassion, love, and courage are examples of such virtues. These qualities are not right for one culture, era, or situation and wrong for another. Virtues are not relative…Virtues are part of our moral fabric producing the longing to do what is right even when there are no rewards in doing the right.” - Gary Bredfeldt, Great Leader Great Teacher: Recovering the Biblical Vision for Leadership, 90

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