Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cultivating Thankfulness

F. B. Meyer asks, “God, why is your hand ALWAYS on the other person?” Notice the emphasis is on the word “always.” Why does it seem that God’s hand is always on the oppressor? Why do we as the saints of God go through suffering and pain? If the Bible is true (and it is) and it tells us that God loves His people, then why does He let us go through tribulations? What makes it worse is when you do all that you can to follow God? You live right, you pray right, you spend quality time with God, you do all that you can to follow and serve God yet it seems that you are the one who suffers the most. It seems that the more you follow God, the more you look for the other shoe to drop. Why?

As we approach Thanksgiving, Asaph helps us how to cultivate thankfulness in spite of what our circumstances and situations may tells us. First, stop walking by sight (Psalm 73:1-14). Second, start walking by faith (Psalm 73:15-21). And third, start worshipping God (Psalm 73:21-28).