Friday, February 22, 2008

Is it as Easy as Baking a Cake?

Discovering God’s will for your life is not as complicated as we make it out to be. We all have been engaged in conversations about God’s will, and most of walk away from the conversation more confused than before. One of the first Bible studies that I joined when I became a Christian was Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God series. One of the most unforgettable insights that I drew from my study was Blackaby’s point that God takes the initiative to reveal Himself in our lives. That was such a drastic change from my perspective. I was thinking that I needed to be out there (somewhere) hunting down God’s will for my life. I was looking for a roadmap, but I found out that God’s will is wrapped up in a relationship. Often we see God as this Cosmic Being playing hide-and-seek with His creation. After studying the Scriptures and checking my conclusions with other writers who have thought longer and harder on this subject than I, I have come to the conclusion that we do not seek God, but God seeks us. He longs for us to know His will. I am fond of the way that Ray Pritchard puts it, “If you want to know what Discovering God’s Will is for Your Life is all about, here it is: God wants you to know his will more than you want to know it, and therefore he takes personal responsibility to see that you discover it…The secret of knowing God’s will is the secret of knowing God; and as you get to know God better, he will reveal his will to you” (Discovering God’s Will is for Your Life,19,32).


Jonathan Moorhead said...

"I have come to the conclusion that we do not seek God, but God seeks us."

It's about time you became a Calvinist! I miss you buddy.

Donald Kirby said...

Good to hear from you as well. We miss you, Sharon, and the boys. We are praying for you and were so excited to hear about Miriam's birth. We continue to pray for her that the Lord will strenthen her body. We just returned from an Evangelistic Conference in Cedarville, OH. The conference speakers delivered challenging messages about missions and outreach. Please keep us and our church in your prayers. I am so passionate about community outreach. Thanks for keeping us posted with the latest in your life and ministry.