Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hmmm.....Did I sign up for this?

Admittedly, I love the winter. There is something about the chill of cold air to the warmth of a hot cup of Starbucks on a cold day that appeals to me. However, at times, I can be a little na├»ve in my statements. Last week I mentioned to several of the church members that I would love to see a white Christmas. I believe my statement went something like this, “The temperature could even drop about 20 more degrees.” Now the temperature that day was around 30 degrees. I can only imagine how many of those individuals went home and prayed that the Lord would answer their pastor’s prayer. And it did! Yesterday, Marietta received 4 ¾ inches of snow.
I was like a little kid looking at the snow from my living room window. I took Claire, my little 8 month old, outside for a few minutes to enjoy her first snow. I was planning to build a life-size snowman until I began to freeze with the dampness in my clothes. Later that day, Nicole mentioned to me that we needed to shovel snow from the driveway and in front of the door so that the snow would not turn to ice. What??? Shovel snow?? I thought I would enjoy the snow from my window not have to get out in it and shovel our way around the home. For the first time in my life, with my feet wet and my hands cold, I shoveled snow and scattered salt.

God definitely has a way of speaking to me. Little did I know what cold temperatures and inches of snow would do for a person from the deep South?

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