Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Up and Running…Finally!

I have been out of pocket these last few weeks. As many of you know, I accepted a position here at North Hills Baptist. The church is located in Marietta, Ohio and the building sits up on a large hill overlooking the Appalachian foothills. Some of the best moments for me are when the sun peeks over the trees early in the morning and settles at dusk. God has a way of revealing Himself through those beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

North Hills Baptist is the only Southern Baptist church in the city of Marietta. It is a quaint little church built in March of 1968 though the church was established in 1964. Three phases of a building program were designed during that time. The first phase is the larger section of the church where the sanctuary is located. Below the sanctuary is the fellowship hall which has been recently renovated. The second building phase is the educational wing attached to the west side of the main building.

Though it has been a smooth transition, it has taken me a while to get my feet under me. We have been unpacking boxes at our apartment and the office trying to get things organized. We have been truly blessed to have many of our church family assist us. Without even asking, people have been volunteering to watch Claire and taking care of so many of our needs. When we arrived at our apartment, we were greeted with a welcome sign and many of the church members to help us unload. The apartment was furnished with all of our necessities until we had a chance to get to the local grocery store.


thevolbedas said...

Wow, it's scary how much this resembles West Grand Baptist Church in Corona, CA (remember you preached there a couple of years back). Even down to the color of the carpet! Of course, red carpet could include almost any Southern Baptist church, right? I'm allowed to make fun of Baptists since I am one.


Donald Kirby said...

HA! You know I forgot about West Grand. Yes there are a lot of similarities. Maybe God was giving me a premonition.

Indeed SBC churches are fond of red. My church back home use to be red until they replaced it a few years back.

Now we are looking at installing pew cushions. Maybe we'll try another color.