Monday, September 17, 2007

Where are our next generation leaders?

As I read Dr. James Dobson’s latest article in WorldNet Daily, see Who will answer the call?, I, too, have to wonder the current state of our next generation. Where are the men and women of biblical integrity and unwavering boldness who will step in the gap to teach the truths from God’s Word?

Who in the next generation will be willing to take the heat, when it is so much safer and more comfortable to avoid controversial subjects? Who is going to defend traditional morality in a culture that is sliding into moral decline? Who will call sin by its name, and lead a nation to repentance and holiness? Some ministers, but thankfully not the majority of them, are inclined to edit out the unpleasant themes of the Bible to avoid irritating their constituents. They sometimes boast about not being "political," when what they really mean is that they aren't willing to be vilified and disparaged for speaking the truth in love. What will be the impact on the conservative Christian church when today's patriarchs have passed from the scene?

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