Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ohio Bound

Tomorrow morning will be flying to Columbus, OH to meet some wonderful people from a church from Marietta, OH. Back in June 2007, we sent a resume to North Hills Baptist and received a confirmation that we were among several others for the pastor position at the church. After a couple of months of dialogue, they informed us a month ago that they had decided to pursue us as the sole candidate. We are leaving Friday September 21 and spending the entire weekend in Marietta. Both Nicole and I are so excited about this weekend. I cannot tell you how exciting, yet stressful this weekend will be. We will be flying with a 5 month old, looking at several homes and apartments for rent, meeting with the church and committee, and preaching Sunday morning. Please keep us in your prayers. We ask that you pray for us this weekend. Ask that the Lord confirm His leading, for travel mercies, beneficial time with the church and committee, the message for Sunday morning and ultimately that the Lord will be glorified.


Jonathan Moorhead said...

I'll be speaking in Idaho about the same time (at a missions conference), so we can pray for each other. Keep us up-to-date if you can!

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Come on man! Don't keep us in suspense. I thought of you before I preached on Sunday and said a little prayer for you.

Donald Kirby said...

Thank you so much for your prayers. The church unanimously voted to have me as their next pastor. We are so excited. Unfortunately I did not have an opportunity to post anything this weekend. I am writing an update but probably will speak to you before I get it on the blog. We will be leaving in a month.