Thursday, September 27, 2007

Are You A Pharisee?

In his book, Out of Your Comfort Zone: Is Your God Too Nice?, R. T. Kendall lists 25 signs that may indicate that you are a Pharisee (142-156):

1. We love to point the finger.
2. We love to say “Gotcha.”
3. We are good at sending people on a guilt trip.
4. We require standards of people not written in Scripture.
5. We practice guilt by association.
6. We assume something or someone is of the devil when their
ministry makes us uncomfortable.
7. We say a person is not a Christian if they disagree with us.
8. We esteem “the way we’ve always done it” above change, even
when the latter is not heretical.
9. We do not practice what we preach.
10. We are more comfortable talking about the mighty movements of
God yesterday than today.
11. We take ourselves too seriously.
12. We judge by outward appearance.
13. We care more about people’s opinions than God’s.
14. We need to be sure people know about it if we give, pray, or
15. We are motivated by money.
16. We feel righteous by comparing ourselves to others.
17. We have no sense of sin by our thoughts, only our deeds.
18. We major on the minors.
19. We are experts in finding loopholes in the Law to excuse
certain areas of disobedience.
20. We are more concerned to uphold our theology than to help
21. We love to score theological points with our enemies.
22. We claim God’s approval of us rather than our rivals because we
know our theology, not theirs, is sound.
23. We easily dismiss a person we don’t want to like because we are
able to find something truly wrong with them.
24. We say, “We are more in tune with God than you are.”
25. We call another person a Pharisee.

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