Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What are your spiritual goals?

The Barna Team researched a group of Christians and asked them to identify their spiritual goals. The following were the results. It was sad to see that only 7% identified improving the spiritual state of their family as a goal. So how are you doing?

Grow spiritually- 26%
Live a life that’s more pleasing to God- 19%
Be involved in spiritual growth activity- 15%
Read the Bible more, know more Bible content- 14%
Attend church more consistently- 13%
Have a better prayer life- 11%
Serve other people; have a personal ministry- 10%
Participate more frequently in church activities- 9%
Improve the spiritual state of my family- 7%
Have good feelings about myself- 2%
Don’t remember the goals- 5%

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