Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Throwdown at Swissaire

Before you men laugh at me when I tell you that I am a huge Food Network fan, resist the urge for a minute. Instead of watching some sports event or catching up on the latest stats from ESPN, I enjoy watching Iron Chef America or Throwdown with Bobby Flay or the new Food Network Star. My wife and I can spend several hours watching these programs. She will call me at work to let me know that she has recorded Throwdown with Bobby Flay to watch when I come home. Somehow the term “Throwdown” sounds manly and justifies my excitement to rush home, pop a bag of popcorn, pour me a glass of Coke, and kick back on the couch with my wife and enjoy the show. Before you think that I have lost it all, I have not wandered too far over to the other side because I am not a big fan of Rachel Ray. Hopefully I may have retained some of my dignity. Not!

If you have ever watched Throwdown with Bobby Flay, it is a friendly competition between Bobby Flay and some well-known cook in the country who prepares some type of dish better than anyone else. Flay will surprisingly visit the chef during what they believe is a personal profile about their dish on Food Network program and will challenge them to a cook-off. Of course, in the beginning of the show, Flay has studied the opponent’s dish and tries his hand at making a better dish.

So I decided to have a personal Throwdown with my wife. By the way, she is an excellent cook so I was way out of my league and gourd on this one. But why not? A good challenge is always exciting. Our Throwdown Casserole was judged according to three criteria: economical, taste, and plating. We invited a couple who lives a few doors down from us in our apartment complex. I thought I had the winning hand when they told us that my Mexican casserole was colorful, but not enough to beat the delicious taste of Nicole’s Mexican casserole.

Though I lost, I enjoyed spending time in the kitchen with my wife, have a friendly and competitive game, and finding creative ways to make our marriage meaningful.

Bobby Flay is a successful chef-owner of Manhattan’s Bolo and Mesa Grill. Not only is Flay the challenger in his show Throwdown, but he also is one of the Iron Chefs in Iron Chef America (Food Network Throwdown; Bobby Flay).


t-fab said...

Hey bro, nice try on the casserole "Throwdown". You got to watch those Union City girls when they are in cooking compititions, I have heard they cheat sometimes. You know, bored out gas valves on the burners, lightened casserole pans,meat with steroids in it, you name it they have tried it. So make sure you run her equiptment threw tech inspection before the next one.
And maybe hit her with some of that back home cajun casserole! Ya man! Spicy!.......Tony

Donald Kirby said...

Thanks for the "heads up" on those Union City girls. With her captivating looks and beautiful smile, she has me wrapped around her finger leaving me pretty vulnerable. I better watch out for any surprise undercuts. LOL!

I will smoke her in the southern BBQ "throwdown." Guaranteed! Let you know how it goes.