Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hell Hound on my Trail

Have you ever listened to the music of Robert Leroy Johnson? Unless you are a Blues fan, you may not be familiar with his music; however, he has influenced a great many musicians including Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Allman Brothers, Rolling Stones, and Eric Clapton. His life and death still remain a mystery, but I recently discovered an interesting fact about him. He recorded his last album right here in Dallas in 1937 at the Brunswick Record Building on 508 Park Avenue. One of his songs recorded at Brunswick, “Hell Hound on my Trail,” contributed to Johnson’s posthumous fame that he sold his soul to the devil. Some say that the devil finally came for his end of the bargain.


t-fab said...

Don,I have an old blues cd that I bought at the truck stop on a trip down your way a few years back that had a song from "RLJ" on it and really liked it . Cant remember the name of it but have been meaning to try and find some more of his music this was a good reminder! I bought a CD at hastings the other day from a blues singer named Lightnin Hopkins for 5.99 that is great!
Dont ask me why this is the first time I have answered one of your posts, I dont really know,I read your writing every night when I sit down to check e-mails and what not. You have an incredible talent in you and I am very proud to be your bro! Keep up the good work! Tony

Donald Kirby said...

Tony- Thanks so much for the encouragement. These posts provide me an access to record some of my thoughts and musings on all types of topics. I have really enjoyed writing in my blog and especially when I have other people- like you-that I can talk about.

I have never been a big blues fan. I love Jazz- Chris Botti, Grover Washington Jr, Rippingtons, and others. One of the guys I work with is a huge history buff and he ordered a DVD on Robert Johnson. After watching the DVD he gave it to me to watch and we learned that RLJ was here in Dallas. This friend of mine recently went on vacation and traveled to MS to visit the well-known crossroads where RLJ sold his soul to the devil. He said it was very freaky to stand there. I'll have to post that picture in my next blog.

Love you brother! Nicole and Claire says hello. I would give Claire a hug for you, but I will let you do that this weekend. Nici and I are going to Tulsa for our 2nd wedding anniversary and poppa and memaw are keeping Claire for the weekend. Hopefully we can catch up before we head back to Dallas.

t-fab said...

Happy anniversary to the both of you!hope to catch you this weekend!....Tony