Friday, July 6, 2007

Instrument of God’s Grace

“The sermons and messages of men who have a great deal of learning and information but who lack an experiential knowledge of the internal things of the Spirit—such men can make up many stories, give elegant descriptions, acute discourses, elaborate theses, and yet regardless of how much it seems to be grounded in the Scripture, what these men give us does not contain the word of God. It is but the words of men adulterated with false gold. Such men actually corrupt Christians, feeding them with wind and with vanity. As a result both the teacher and the one taught remain empty of their God.” (Michael Molinos, The Spiritual Guide).

Have you ever thought about how God works through each of us to touch someone else’s life? Two things happened to me this week that impacted me. First, I have been reading Dan Allender’s book To Be Told explaining how God has written every detail of your life and desires that you share your story with others. The second event that happened to me was through my wife’s prayer. During one of our devotionals, she began our time in prayer and asked the Lord to reveal the meaning of my story. As I quietly listened to her words, I began to realize that each of us has a story. Though our life narrative may not have been what we would have liked, God has orchestrated every event and every detail in our life so that He can reveal Himself to us and that we will allow our stories to become conduits of His grace and love. There is not one person that can say their life is useless. Through His creativity and power, He displays His glory through many people with varied backgrounds and testimonies. Though your story may be filled with pain and heartache, it is your story. Take every opportunity given to you to share what God has done. Allow people to see the real you with all of your flaws and brokenness, yet redeemed because of the hope that you have in our Lord.

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