Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Song of Solomon

I am studying the Song of Solomon this semester with Dr. Gordon Johnston, and I must say that this class has whet my appetite for some poetry. I have never been much of a romantic, but I must say that King Solomon has piqued my interest. I would like to take my insights and observations from my class and present them in a series over the next several months as we begin an in-depth exegesis of the book. I would like to begin with some introductory material and then jump right into the text. We only meet once a week so I will present the material from week to week.

Dr. Johnston has suggested that one way to teach the book of Songs is to think of contemporary Western civilization love poetry and apply the principles that are found in the book. Throughout this series, I am asking people to tell me their favorite love song or poem. As I examine the motifs and themes of the book, I will attempt to parallel them with some of the contemporary language of today. However, over the series, I will introduce you to some of the ancient Near Eastern poems. Scholars have pointed out that there are similarities between the Song and the poems of Egyptian poetry. I doubt that too many men tell their wives that their hair reminds them of a "flock of goats that have descended down Mount Gilead," so my question is how would you describe your wife. What contemporary terms would you use? I believe that metaphors are a great way to create a picture that will make an everlasting imprint in the mind.

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